4 Vocabulary
What Do They Do?

6 Your Story
Winter Fun

8 Grammar
Grammar Zone

10 Colouring
Let’s Colour!

11 Speaking / Pair Work
My Friend’s Day

12 Comic
Evan’s Parents

14 Game
Find Your Valentine

16 Speaking / Pair Work
My Friend’s Day

17 Test
Cambridge YLE Starters

24 Puzzles

27 Look and Talk


What Do They Do?; pp. 4–5

Task 1: 1 a teacher; 2 a bus driver; 3 a clown; 4 a doctor; 5 a nurse; 6 a farmer; 7 an accountant; 8 an architect

Task 2: farmer – farm; teacher – school; doctor – hospital; architect – office

Task 3: Mario


Grammar Zone; pp. 8–9

Task 2: (any grammatically correct positive or negative answer is acceptable) Sample Answers: 1 Yes, my grandma works at a school. No, my grandma doesn’t work at a school; 2 Is your uncle an architect? No, my uncle isn’t an architect; 3 Does your cousin play the piano? Yes, my cousin plays the piano; 4 Yes, my friends are footballers. No, my friends aren’t footballers; 5 Are your parents clowns? No, my parents aren’t clowns; 6 Do your teachers work on a farm? Yes, my teachers work on a farm.

Task 3: 1 read; 2 paints; 3 cooks; 4 play; 5 jump; 6 writes; palaeontologist


Let’s Colour; p. 10

Task: a figure skater


Evan’s Parents; pp. 12–13

Task 2: Evan’s mum makes games for school / makes video games / computer games. Evan’s dad is a teacher / teaches / works in a school.


Cambridge YLE Starters; pp. 17–23

Listening Part 1: 1 Hugo – the boy with the paper and crayons; 2 Lucy – the girl next to the girl; 3 Mark – the boy next to the poster; 4 Tom – the boy with the ball; 5 Kim – the girl next to the picture

Listening Part 2: 1 7/seven; 2 in Park Street; 3 13; 4 May; 5 10

Reading & Writing Part 1: 1 P; 2 x; 3 x; 4 P; 5 P

Reading & Writing Part 2: 1 yes; 2 no; 3 yes; 4 yes; 5 no

Reading & Writing Part 3: taxi; plane; lorry; helicopter; motorbike

Speaking: 1 a pair glasses; 2 a snake; 3 an onion; 4 a guitar

Part 1: (sample answers) The teacher is between the board and the shelf, in front of the class; The purple pen is on the third desk on the left next to the windows, The yellow ruler is on the third desk in the middle row; The boy with short blond hair is sitting at the first desk on the left, he’s talking to a girl with brown hair.

Part 2: (sample answers) The clock is white and grey/black; There are / is nine students, nine pencils, four pens, one rubber, four rulers, four boys, five girls in the classroom. The girl is talking / sitting / writing on the board / drawing… The boy is talking / reading / drinking / sitting… The black pen is next to the pink ruler. The purple pencil is between the yellow pencil and red pencil / next to the yellow pencil / the red pencil / on the desk / next to the red book… The computer is on the desk next to the teacher. The plant is on the cupboard next to the board. The clock is on the wall above the board. The board is on the wall next to the cupboard in front of the classroom.


Winter; p. 24

1 ice hockey; 2 figure skating; 3 freestyle skiing; 4 snowboarding; 5 biathlon


Clifford the Big Red Dog; p. 25

Task 1: 1 cat; 2 white; 3 Linda; 4 black; 5 small; 6 frog; 7 boy; Chicago

Task 2: runs, catches, cats, zoo, shoes, drinks, lot; Clifford dressed up as a zebra.


Australia Day; p. 26

Task 1: hot; shorts; water skiing, surfing; hockey; barbeque

Task 2: hip-hop


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