4 Vocabulary
Let’s Build a Snowman

6 Your Story
The Carnival Parade

8 Grammar
Grammar Zone

10 Poster

12 Comic
Morty’s Valentine’s Day

14 Story
“The Mitten”

16 Speaking Fun
Imaginary Friend

17 Colouring
Let’s Colour!

18 Test
Play A0–A1 Practice Test

24 Puzzles

27 Look and Talk


Let’s Build a Snowman; pp. 4–5

Task 1: arm – 2, body – 1, ear – 8, eye – 9, face – 7, foot – 5, hair – 12, hand – 3, head – 6, leg – 4, mouth – 11, nose – 10

Task 2: hair, ear, head, nose, eye, face, hand, arm, foot; The Answer: Water.

Task 3: 1 five; 2 carrot; 3 long; 4 eyes; 5 feet; 6 happy; The snowman’s name: Frosty

Task 4: 1b; 2d; 3a; 4c

Grammar Zone; pp. 8–9

Task 1: 1 John has got a spider; 2 Suzy has got a dog; 3 Jane and Cindy have got a cat; 4 Charles has got a bird; 5 Judy has not / hasn’t got a pet.

Task 2:

Max: Hello. I want a new pet, please.

Clerk: Hello. I ’ve got many fish. Do you want a fish?

Max: I haven’t got any fish at home, but I do not want a fish. Fish are not fun!

Clerk: OK. I ’ve got a lizard.

Max: No thank you. My brother ’s got two lizards already.

Clerk: Then maybe a mouse? I ’ve got mice.

Max: No. I don’t like mice.

Clerk: I see. I ’ve got a long, green snake. Snakes eat mice. Do you want it?

Max: No, I do not want a snake. My brother’s got a snake, too. Have you got dogs?

Clerk: Sorry, no. We haven’t got dogs here. We only have small pets.

Australia; pp. 10–11

Task 1: clockwise: crocodile, spider, snake 1 didgeridoo; 2 boomerang; 3 snake

Task 2: left to right: sausage, fish, meat

Task 3: (correct words) 1 oval; 2 short; 3 players, Australian Football; 4 round, game

Morty’s Valentine’s Day; pp. 12–13

Task 2: (order can vary) 1 Jack gets Valentine’s Day cards; 2 Morty gets chocolates; 3 Morty’s teacher gets a teddy bear and a daisy.

“The Mitten”; pp. 14–15

Task 2: first – mouse, second – rabbit, third – fox, fourth – wolf, fifth – bear

Task 3: 2 The rabbit is second; 3 The fox is third; 4 The wolf is fourth; 5 The bear is fifth.

Let’s Colour; p. 17

There are four small pictures: a pink-and-purple jellyfish, planet, spaceship and telescope. You can see a blue silhouette of a female face in the background. The rest of the background is purple.

Play A0–A1 Practice Test; pp. 18–23

Listening Part 1; p. 18

Task: Alex is the boy with short brown hair who is reading a book and sitting next to the computer. Jill is the girl with blond hair who is sitting on the desk eating an apple. Sam is the boy with grey trousers who is standing next to the desk and holding something yellow. Alice is the girl with brown hair and who is wearing glasses. Alice is talking to the boy in the blue t-shirt. Mark is the boy with blond hair who is drawing on the board.

Listening Part 2; p. 19

Task: 1 Young; 2 three; 3 Grace; 4 two; 5 White

Reading and Writing Part 1; p. 20

Task: 1x; 2 tick; 3 x: 4 x; 5 tick       

Reading and Writing Part 2; p. 21

Task: 1 yes; 2 no; 3 yes; 4 yes; 5 no

Reading and Writing Part 3; p. 22

Task: 1 carrot; 2 lemon; 3 chocolate; 4 juice; 5 watermelon

Reading and Writing Part 4; p 23

Task: 1 colours; 2 tail; 3 meat; 4 zoo; 5 night

Happy Valentine’s Day; p. 24

Task: wheels left to right: chocolates, balloon, rose, teddy bear, card; blanks: chocolates, teddy bear, rose, card

The Body Puzzle; p. 25

1 foot; 2 eye; 3 body; 4 mouth; 5 hair; 6 arm; 7 head; 8 ear; 9 hand; 10 nose; 11 face; 12 leg

The Amazing Maurice; p. 26

Task: rats’ names, left to right: Peaches, Sardines, Dangerous Beans

Look and Talk; pp. 27–28

Task 2: The friends are making a snowman on a beach.

A cat is swimming in the sea.

Morty is making the snowman’s body with a beach ball.

The snowman’s nose is a banana.

Sandy is putting glasses on the snowman’s face.

Jack is not wearing his shoes.

There’s a crocodile in the tree.

The bird is wearing a baseball cap.


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