Vybrali jsme z dvojčísla Ready květen–červen


People cannot live in the ocean, but below the water there are thousands of kinds of animals living in the earth’s oceans and seas. There are fish, dolphins, whales, sharks, octopuses and many others. Some of the smallest animals, like plankton, live in the ocean, and also the biggest: the blue whales. People find new species every year.


Hi there! I am black and white. No, I am not a penguin. I am much bigger. I am an orca. Orca is only one of my names. My other name is killer whale6. Isn’t that a cool name? I really am a kind of whale. I am in the dolphin family. Did you know dolphins are a kind of whale? It’s true.

I am a mammal, like you. I can live for around 80 years. That is like you, too. I am big. I am up to 8 metres long. I weigh up to 6,000kg. Is that like you, too?

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