4 Vocabulary
Free Time

6 Summer Holiday
Holiday Hacks

8 Grammar / Music
Get Ready to Dance: Great New Music

10 Discussion
Travel Pros and Cons

11 Tradition
Food, Fireworks and Fun on the Fourth



12 Literature / Comic Strip
The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

16 Animals
Ocean Animals

18 Film / Poster

20 Geography
Sam’s Souvenirs: The United Kingdom

22 Folk Tale
The Sword in the Stone

24 Music
No One Can Out-Dance Tate McRae

26 Sports
Going for Gold

28 Quiz
May the Force Be with You

29 News
Read All About It: News from the English-Speaking World

30 Test
Ready A2 Practice Test

32 Competition
My Travel Guide

34 Puzzles
Puzzle Time

36 Game