4 Vocabulary
Trick or Treat?

6 Tradition
Halloween Party Time

8 Grammar
Hollywood on Strike!

10 Discussion
Talking About Feelings

11 Tradition
Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples’ Day

12 Literature / Comic Strip
The Monkey’s Paw, Episode 2

14 Geography
Sam’s Souvenirs: South Africa

16 Folk Tale
The Beginning of All Stories

18 Poster / TV
The God of Mischief Is Back!

20 Animals
Animals in Africa

22 Tradition
Dogs with Jobs: Guide Dogs

24 News
Read All About It: News from the English-Speaking World

26 Tests
A1 Movers

34 Puzzles
Puzzle Time

36 Game




Listening (Parts 1–5) and Reading & Writing (Part 1)

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Materials for the A1 Movers Listening (Parts 1–5) and Reading & Writing Tests (Part 1) were published in the October 2023 issue of Ready magazine (pages 26–33).

The Reading & Writing (Parts 2–6) and Speaking Tests will be published in the January–February 2024 issue of Ready. Here are the answers and the audio script. You can find them here.

A1 Movers Answers and Audio Script