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Before the History Lesson; pp. 4–5

TASK 1: 1 Anne; 2 Alex; 3 (King) Arthur
TASK 3: The Answer: Hiss-tory
TASK 4: 1 science; 2 maths; 3 music; 4 geography; 5 English; 6 history; 7 art; The Answer: Camelot

Back to School, Czech vs American Schools; pp. 6–7

Possible Answers:
Czech Schools 

1 Czech marks are 1–5.
2 Czech schools have a hot lunch everyone eats.
3 Czechs eat pancakes at lunch.
4 Czech students wear slippers indoors.
5 Czech schools offer fewer social activities than American schools.
6 Czech schools have a caretaker who often lives at the school.

American Schools

1 American grades are A–F.
2 American students can eat hot lunch at school or bring a cold lunch from home.
3 Americans usually only eat pancakes for breakfast.
4 American students wear their outside shoes indoors, too.
5 American schools offer more social activities than Czech schools
6 American schools have janitors that don’t live at the school.

School Lunches Around the World; pp. 8–9

TASK 1: from left to right: jollof, Ghana; paratha, India; black beans, Brazil; miso soup, Japan; chicken strips, the USA
TASK 2: School lunch in Thailand is usually some rice, some soup, some meat and vegetables, and some fruit (guava, for example). You could have chicken with ginger sauce one day, and fish curry with noodles the next. There aren’t any chips or
burgers, crisps or biscuits. But lots of Thai kids eat only a little bit of the nice school lunch. Then they go to the shop and buy some junk food and snacks instead.

What Do You Do After School? p. 10


Jenny: Monday – soccer / football; Tuesday – Spanish lessons; Wednesday – soccer / football; Friday – soccer / football game; Saturday – concer, then film

Samantha: Thursday – choir, rehearsal; Saturday concert, then film

1 She has homework and football practice; 2 Friday; 3 Tuesday; 4 choir rehearsal; 5 They will go to the cinema / see the superhero film.

Animal Adventures; p. 11

TASK: 1 Charlotte; 2 Old Yeller; 3 Wilbur; 4 Aslan; 5 Mr Toad

Oh Canada! Super Lady Looks for Superlatives; pp. 14–15

TASK 1: 1 Toronto; 2 Quebec; 3 Wood bison; 4 French; 5 Queen Elizabeth II
TASK 2: 1 Dinosaur; 2 scientists; 3 museums; 4 bird; 5 meat

The Skunk in the Oven; pp. 16–17

TASK 2: 1 Aunt Eloise; 2 Aunt Eloise; 3 Jack; 4 the hunter; 5 the farmer; 6 Aunt Eloise; 7 the farmer

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum; pp. 18–19

TASK 1: 1d; 2e; 3b; 4a; 5c
TASK 2: 1 ring; 2 hobbit; 3 Misty Mountains; 4 fish; 5 my precious

Animals in Danger; pp. 20–21

TASK 1: A little dodo birds; B both; C Siberian tigers; D Siberian tigers; E little dodo birds; F little dodo birds; G Siberian tigers

European Day of Languages; p. 22

TASK 1: 1D; 2G; 3F; 4B; 5A; 6J; 7I; 8C; 9E

Excellent Emojis; from Ancient Egypt to Today; p. 23

TASK 1: from left to right: surprised, in love, sad, angry, confused, crazy, embarrassed, happy
TASK 2: 1c; 2b; 3d; 4a; 5e

A Boy Who Acts… and Does Parkour, Too; pp. 24–25

TASK 1: 1 When he was filming Emma and the Death’s Head he learned a lot of new things, for example how to get a goat into a pen; 2 He has acted in a lot of films; 3 He acted first at the age of seven; 4 He goes to an Italian school; 5 His oldest sister won a singing competition; 6 He is working on a project in which he dances and does parkour; 7 When he grows up he wants to continue to be an actor.

Dancing on Horseback; pp. 26–27

TASK: Equestrian vaulting is a sport that started in Romania (Rome / Roman times) around 2,000 years ago. In this sport, horses dance to music (people perform moves to music on horseback). You can do this sport for fun, or at a competition. Equestrian vaulting is a part of the Equestrian World Games. In 2018 (2008) the games were in Brno. There are also world and Australian (European) championships. Anybody can try this sport. You need to be strong and have good balance and also have your own horse at home (you don’t need your own horse, you can visit a club).

The Changing Seasons; pp. 28–29

TASK 1: 1C; 2E; 3D; 4A; 5B
TASK 2: from top to bottom: the axis, the North Pole, the equator, the South Pole

Two Truths and a Lie; pp. 30–31

TASK 1: “No High Heels on Trains in Italy” is fake.
TASK 2: 1c; 2b; 3a

LanguageCert ESOL A1; pp. 32–33

English Usage: 1 but; 2 have; 3 likes; 4 can; 5 there; 6 on; 7 it; 8 or; 9 a; 10 he
Reading Part 2: A Hannah; B Becky; C Danny; D Tim; E Michael

Puzzles; pp. 34–35

TASK 1: James’ school bag is red. His favourite school subject is PE and he likes playing computer games. Pete’s school bag is purple. His favourite school subject is music and he likes skateboarding. Jenny’s school bag is blue. Her favourite school
subject is maths and she likes playing the piano. Linda’s school bag is green. Her favourite school subject is English and she likes drawing.
TASK 2: 1P; 2I; 3I; 4I; 5R; 6A; 7T; 8E; The Answer: A Piiirate


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