4 Vocabulary
6 Schools
British Schools – Just Like Hogwarts?
8 Grammar / Literature
Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret.
10 Discussion
Introducing Yourself
11 Literature
Be Careful What You Wish for
12 Literature / Comic Strip
The Monkey’s Paw, Episode 1
14 Geography
Sam’s Souvenirs: The United States of America
16 Folk Tale
Raven and Mole
18 Poster / Film
Blue Beetle
20 Animals
Animals in North America
22 Technology
The Robots Are Coming!
24 Celebrity
Horror Heroine, Comic Creator
26 Sport
Is American Football a Football, Too?
28 Interview / Literature
A Most Unusual Hobbit
30 News
Read All About It: News From
the English-Speaking World
32 Competition
33 Tradition
American as Apple Pie:
Johnny Appleseed Day
34 Puzzles
Puzzle Time
36 Game
Where Have You Seen This?