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Hi! My name is Sam, and this year I am travelling to English-speaking countries around the world. I bring back lots of fun things. Here’s what I have from Ireland, the Emerald Isle.

Ireland is called “the Emerald Isle” because it is an island and it is so, well, green. Ireland is covered in green grass, trees and clover. There is a lot of nature to see. On the island of Ireland, there is Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland. When we talk about Ireland in this article, we mean the Republic of Ireland. Besides the main island, there are other, smaller islands, too. In the west, you can find the Aran Islands. These three islands are rocky and green, and there aren’t a lot of people there. While about 5 million people live in Ireland, only about 1,300 of them live in the Aran Islands. Most people who live there can speak English, one of Ireland’s two official languages, but the language I heard most was Ireland’s other official language, Irish. Do you know what the most famous thing about the Aran Islands is? The Aran jumper. It’s a white wool jumper made for fishermen. I got one to keep me warm next winter.

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