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Where Are They?; pp. 4–5
TASK 1: 1 fridge; 2 cooker; 3 dishwasher; 4 cupboard; 5 clock; 6 desk; 7 chair; 8 lamp; 9 shelf; 10 wardrobe; 11 bookcase; 12 carpet; 13 picture; 14 bath; 15 shower; 16 toilet; 17 mirror; 18 towel; Perzil is in the wardrobe and Yo-Yee is in the bath.
TASK 2: kitchen: cooker, dishwasher, fridge; bedroom: shelf, wardrobe, carpet, bookcase; bathroom: bath, mirror, shower, towel
TASK 3: bath, bookcase, carpet, chair, cooker, cupboard, desk, dishwasher, fridge, mirror, shelf, shower, toilet, towel, wardrobe; Doctor: Just relax. Have a seat, and I’ll help you. Man: But doctor, I’m not allowed on the furniture!

Whose House?; pp. 6–7
TASK: Joe Biden 1; Queen Elizabeth II 3; Boris Johnson 2; Larry the Cat 2; Bilbo Baggins 4

Unusual Homes; p. 8
TASK: 1D; 2C; 3B; 4A

Winter sports; p. 9
TASK 1: skiing, snowboarding, snowball fighting
TASK 2: 1 mountains; 2 fast; 3 careful; 4 snowboarding; 5 safer; 6 fight; 7 fun

Agent Ready in South Africa; pp. 10–11
How many capitals does South Africa have? 3
TASK: 1C; 2B; 3A; 4C; 5B; 6A

The Loudest Animals; pp. 12–13
The howler monkey can see… B) in colour.
TASK: 1 sperm whale; 2 sperm whale, greater bulldog bat; 3 howler monkey;
4 sperm whale, greater bulldog bat; 5 howler monkey, greater bulldog bat;
6 howler monkey

The Secret of Snowflakes; p. 16
TASK: 3, 2, 1

Safer Internet Day; p. 17
TASK: 1a; 2c; 3b

Among Us; pp. 18–19
TASK: The imposter is Green. Black saw them go into the lab with Blue, and that’s where Blue was found dead. Green says they were in admin, but Yellow was there (seen by Black) and didn’t see them, so Green must be lying.

The South African Jackal; pp. 20–21
TASK 1: afraid–calm; bad–good; better–worse; clever–stupid; fast–slow;
kind–cruel; loud–quiet; north–south; ugly–beautiful; white–black

With Wind on Snow; pp. 22–23
TASK: 1 kite; 2 snow; 3 binding; 4 cross-country; 5 speed; 6 hill; 7 bar; 8 wind; 9 board
The Answer: in Iceland

The Hide-and-Seek Mystery; pp. 24–25
TASK 3: Gavin is in the kitchen, hiding in the cupboard. His sister Kaylee is lying. She said she was going to the toilet to brush her teeth but there are no toothbrushes downstairs. Gavin went from the hall to the living room, then into the bathroom / toilet, then into the dining room, then into the kitchen.

Meet Your Heroes; p. 26
What is Izuku’s special power? He can be very strong but only in one bit of his body.
TASK: Izuku got his quirk from All Might. Denki can’t use too much of his power because it makes him dizzy. 80% of people have quirks. People use their quirks to do good or bad things or just to have fun. Izuku wants to be like All Might because wants to be a hero.

YLE Movers Practice Test; pp. 27–33
Listening Part 1: Lily – the girl under tree eating ice-cream; Andrew – sitting on grass wearing purple sunglasses; Jack – taking photos; Olivia – swimming with a dolphin; Ava – reading on the beach wearing a blue cap
Listening Part 3: his aunt H; his son G; his brother A; his cousin C; his daughter E
Reading & Writing Part 3: 1 bus stop; 2 homework; 3 help; 4 careful; 5 cry; 6 Peter’s mistake
Reading & Writing Part 1: 1 a dentist; 2 a blanket; 3 a nurse; 4 a penguin;
5 a towel
Puzzle Time; pp. 34–35
TASK 1: Julie: blonde hair, blue eyes; Kristina: black hair, brown eyes; Abigail: black hair, green eyes; Sarah: blonde hair, brown eyes; Rebecca: brown hair, blue eyes; Abigail is the valentine. (Her hair is the same colour as Kristina’s and her eyes are the same colour as Caleb’s).
TASK 2: cupboard £75; bookcase £99; toilet £105; table £245; bed £305;
chair £380; wardrobe £425; sofa £695
TASK 3: Now is here / A fine new start / For a whole new year / The snow comes down / In the dark of night / When we awake / The world is white

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