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The Beginning of All Stories

South Africa is home to many different peoples. The Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho and Tswana are the largest groups. There are also many other African peoples such as the San and Khoekhoe. About 8% of people are white (mostly with Dutch and British roots). Many people have mixed roots. There are people from Asia, too. This big mix is why South Africa is “the Rainbow Nation”. This story belongs to the Zulu, the largest group in South Africa.

There was a woman named Manzandaba. Her husband, Zenzele, was an artist. He made lovely carvings of impala, kudu and the other animals of the land.

They were happy during the day, but every night, their children came to Manzandaba. “Sifuna izindaba!”, they said then. “We want stories!” And then Manzandaba and Zenzele felt sad, because there were not any stories in the world.

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