4 Psychology
An Epidemic of Loneliness

6 Literature
Shakespeare’s Famous Lovers

7 Literature
Romeo and Juliet (How They Met)

10 Interview
Czech, Please! Interview with Gavin Roy

12 Where I’m From
Gate Writers and Their Home Towns: Philadelphia

14 Profile
The Magical Career of Anya Taylor-Joy

16 Music / Trend
Stream On!

18 Food / English-Speaking Countries
A Bite to Eat: Eating Out in the UK

20 Animals
Animal Friends

22 Travel
Madeira – The Island of All-Year Spring

24 Language / Grammar
Grammar Trouble: Prepositions of Place: In, On, At

26 Television
The Mandalorian – Sci-Fi Cowboys in Space

27 Puzzle
Brain Training – Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

28 Sport
Out in the Cold: Winter Sports in the US and the UK

30 Test
LanguageCert A2