4 Travel
Hometown Tourist

6 Literature
Growing up All over the Place

8 People / Culture
Away from the World

10 Profile
Héctor Bellerín

12 Where I’m From
Gate Writers and Their Places: East London

14 Quiz
Gate Writers and Their Places Quiz

15 Geography
The Other Londons

16 Your Opinion
Lockdown Lessons

18 UK Traditions
Swans, Keys and Flags: Must-See Royal Ceremonies

20 History / Personality
Harriet Tubman: For Freedom

22 Pop Science
But Why? Answering Life’s Most Important Questions

24 Fun
Keep Smiling!

25 Fun
Also in the News

26 TV Series
Ginny & Georgia: When the Past Catches up with You

27 Puzzle
Brain Training: Garden

28 Pop Culture
Look Who’s Famous Too

30 Sport
Adrenaline Sports for Adventurous Sorts

32 Language / Grammar
Final Review

35 Pronunciation
Words That Are Hard to Pronounce