4 Vocabulary
Farm Animals

6 Your Story
My Favourite Animal from Grandpa’s Old Book

8 Grammar
Grammar Zone

10 Poster

12 Comic
Where’s the Leprechaun?

14 Story

16 Speaking Fun

17 Colouring
Let’s Colour!

18 Puzzles
The Super Mario Bros. Movie

19 Look and Talk
In the Countryside


Farm Animals, pp. 4–5

Task 1: 1 – horse, 2 – goat, 3 – cow, 4 – chicken, 5 – duck, 6 – bee, 7 – pig, 8 – sheep, 9 – rabbit, 10 – cat, 11 – dog, 12 – mouse

Task 2: horse, cow, goat, pig, cat dog, sheep, mouse

Task 3a: a 2, b 3, c 4, d 6, e 5, f 7, Task 3b: CHARLIE. a2=C, b3=H, c4=A, d6=R, e5=L, f7=I, g6=E;

Grammar Zone, pp. 8–9

Task 2: 1 Spiders can jump; 2 The bear can’t read; 3 Birds can fly; 4 The fish can swim; 5 The duck can’t paint.

Task 3: Possible answers: 1 I can sing. / I can’t sing. 2 I can eat three pizzas. / I can’t eat three pizzas.; 3 I can swim; I can’t swim. 4 I can’t walk on water. 5 I can run fast / I can’t run fast.

Ireland, pp. 10-11

Task 1: Éire, words: clothes, green, Dublin, island Task 2: bodhran. Vertical: fiddle, guitar, tin whistle, drum; horizontal: flute, banjo, harp, violin Task 3: shamrock; Task 4 Irish setter, Irish wolfhound. The alphabet is numbered backwards, 1 = Z, 2 =Y, 3 = X… 26 = A.

Where’s the leprechaun?, pp. 12–13

Task 2: colours of the rainbow from top to bottom: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet

Let’s Colour, p. 17:

picture of a puppy with dark brown ears, tail, two of the legs. It has a blue scarf. It is on a green background.

In the Countryside, pp. 19–20

Task 2: some possible answers:
1 In picture A, the horse has got a three-leaf clover in its mouth, but in picture B it has got a four-leaf clover in its mouth.
2 In picture A, the brown horse has got brown ears, but in picture B, it has got one white ear and one brown ear.
3 In picture A, there are eight sheep, but in picture, B there are nine sheep.
4 In picture A, the sheep are white, but in picture B, the sheep have black legs and heads.
5 In picture A, there is a dog, but in picture B, there is no dog.
6 In picture A, all four cows are standing, but in picture B, only two cows are standing.
7 In picture A, there are chickens, but in picture B, there are ducks.
8 In picture A, Sandy has got a red backpack but in picture B, Morty has got he red backpack.
9 In picture A, there are some yellow flowers, but in picture B, there are blue flowers.
10 In picture A, there is a bird in the sky, but in picture B, the bird isn’t there.


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