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A Trip to the City; pp. 4–5

TASK 1: 1 passport; 2 rucksack; 3 suitcase; 4 swimsuit; 5 sunglasses; 6 sleeping bag; 7 bridge; 8 square; 9 statue; 10 church; 11 bank; 12 post office; 13 swimming pool; 14 train station; 15 factory; 16 car park
TASK 2: Underlined Words: bank, bridge, car park, church, factory, passport, post office, rucksack, sleeping bag, square, statue, suitcase, sunglasses, swimsuit, train station
TASK 3: A Italy; B teachers; C can’t; D one week
TASK 4: 1 statue; 2 suitcase; 3 sleeping bag; 4 bridge; 5 library; 6 car park; 7 passport; 8 rucksack; 9 cinema; 10 hospital. The Answer: sun glasses
TASK 5: Mountains: go camping, go hiking, sleep in a tent; Beach: dive, go swimming, sunbathing

Holidays, for Better or Worse; pp. 6–7

TASK 1: 1 Massachusetts; 2 finding different animals; 3 badges; 4 clam strips and fries
TASK 2: 1 In Yellowstone there were huge geysers like Old Faithful; 2 It was hot in the Mojave Desert: 40 degrees Celsius; 3 In Disneyland, Anastasia and her brothers met Mickey Mouse; 4 Liam’s family went on holiday in Wales; 5 Liam’s family couldn’t go swimming in the sea because it was too cold; 6 In Cape Cod, park rangers gave Megan and her sister tasks; 7 For dessert in Cape Cod, Megan’s family ate saltwater taffy that stuck to their teeth.

Summer’s Popping!; pp. 8–9

TASK 1 and 2: 1 What is the song called? (Watermelon Sugar); 2 Who wrote it? (Harry Styles); 3 What is it about? [(Eating summer fruits) and being in love]); 4 When did it come out? [(November) 2020]; 5 Why is it a perfect summer song?

July 4th and Juneteenth; p. 11

TASK: 1 free; 2 voice; 3 barbecue; 4 leader; 6 colony, 7 freedom; 9 bloodshed; The Joke: Fireworks

Our Country: India; pp. 14–15

TASK 1: Country Name: India; Capital: New Delhi; Biggest City: Mumbai; Official Language: Hindi
TASK 2: 1 Mumbai; 2 Agra; 3 Agra; 4 Jaipur; 5 Bodhi Gaya

Animals Around You; pp. 16–17

TASK 1: A lynx; B bees; C lynx; D lynx; E bees; F bees; G bees

Thor: Love and Thunder; pp 18–19

TASK: 1 True; 2 False; 3 True; 4 False; 5 False; 6 True

The Hero Under the Hill; pp 20–21

TASK: 1 crown; 2 stone; 3 wizard; 4 knights; 5 hill

Queens, Queens, Queens; pp. 22–23

TASK: A Queen Jetsun Pema; B Queen Margrethe II; C Queen Jetsun Pema; D Queen Elizabeth; E Queen Letizia; F Queen Margrethe II; G Queen Letizia; H Queen Elizabeth

Bike Riding; pp. 24–25

TASK 2: BMX: helmet, knee / elbow pads, eyewear, bike repair kit, first-aid kit, gloves, a bottle of water; Mountain Biking: helmet, bike repair kit, maps, rainwear, food, gloves, (eyewear, bike repair kit); Cyclocross: helmet, bike repair kit, change of clothes, eyewear, gloves, a bottle of water (knee / elbow pads, first-aid kit); Road Cycling: helmet, bike repair kit, a bottle of water (eyewear, rainwear, gloves)

Cambridge YLE Movers; pp. 28–31

Listening Part 4: 1C; 2A; 3B; 4A; 5C
Listening Part 5: 1 the car outside the police station – blue; 2 the boy wearing sunglasses and eating ice cream – red T-shirt; 3 the running boy’s bag – green; 4 the name of the square – River Square; 5 the hair of the woman kayaking on the river – brown
Reading & Writing Part 6: 1 on the boat; 2 a key; 3 The man is diving / is taking a photo (of the fish / of the cup, with the camera). 4 The cup is at the bottom of the sea. / The cup is in the sea. / The cup is next to the rock. / The cup is in the bottom-right corner of the picture. 5 (Example Sentences) There are two sharks. The man and the woman are diving. The sun is shining. The man on the boat is fishing. There are some fish in the sea. The helicopter is flying.

Meet Your Heroes; p. 32

TASK: 1 Waterbending; 2 Aang; 3 They are reincarnated; 4 Aang loves peace

Escape Room: Goodbye! p. 33

TASK 1: The Czech Republic: crown; France: illegal; Germany: sting; Italy: hospital; Slovakia: reason; Spain: thunder; The Password: DEPART (The numbers next to each country tell you which letter from the word to use; Once you have the letters, put them in the order of the countries on the map to get the password.)

Puzzle Time: A Special Holiday; p. 34

1 A; 2 E; 3 I; 4 O; 5 U; 6 Y; 7 B; 8 C; 9 D; 10 F; 11 G; 12 H; 13 J; 14 K; 15 L; 16 M; 17 N; 18 P; 19 Q; 20 R; 21 S; 22 T; 23 V; 24 W; 25 X; 26 Z; The Message: MAY THE FOURTH IS STAR WARS DAY

Puzzle Time: Animal Mothers; p. 35

The animal mothers are in this order: mare, hen, ewe, sow. The chick’s mother is a hen. The foal’s mother is a mare. The piglet’s mother is a sow. The lamb’s mother is a ewe.


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